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Spanish Colonial Architecture – Oaxaca Art Print

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Oaxaca is a city known for its rich stock of authentic Spanish Colonial architecture. And, as you can see from this print, Oaxaca has much in common with the rest of Mexico. It’s a city that simply has no fear of vibrant colors. Just look at this one city block with great orange, gold, and blue on those neighboring buildings. Considering my love for bright colors and heritage architecture, Oaxaca was a city that I hated to leave after only a few days there.

In fact there is such a concentration of Spanish Colonial architecture in the city core of Oaxaca that it is a UNESCO designated world heritage site. The streets abound with old churches and old colonial homes like the vivid orange building in this print that’s now a hotel. When I first arrived in Oaxaca, it felt almost overwhelming, in a good way. I wanted to wander every street of the city and simply didn’t have the time. Of course, better a wealth of options than a city filled with drab streets! Rarely a a danger in colorful Mexico, of course.

I have no doubt that Oaxaca’s memorable Spanish Colonial architecture will draw me back some day. Every time I look at this print and others from my brief time there, I want to return. In a way, as time moves on, it begins to feel like a dream. Oaxaca begins to feel like my own Mexican El Dorado, a mythical city of gold in the hills of Mexico. Doesn’t this print have a feeling of unreal beauty?

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Oaxaca yourself? Or are you quite simply bowled over by the great old Spanish Colonial architecture and vibrant colors of this bold print? I hope you might take a few moments to let me know what attracts you most to this particular print?


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