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St Albans Clock Tower – Medieval Architecture Art Print

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The English village of St Albans in Hertfordshire has a long history going back to Roman times. In fact so far back that the village is named for a Christian martyred by there the Romans. In medieval times, the village was was an overnight stop on the coach route to London. Trains have shortened the travel time to St Albans considerably and it’s now a sleepy bedroom community of London. This print features St Albans Clock Tower, a relic of the town’s medieval history.

I’ve read the St Albans clock tower was built in the early 15th century in full view of the nearby Abbey’s clock tower. Why two clocks in plain sight of one another? On a tour of the village, I was told that it was something of a political statement. The local populace was essentially saying that they didn’t need the church to handle its affairs.

Whatever the reason for its construction, St Albans clock tower is a beautiful piece of local history. And it was very nearly demolished in the 18th century as the tower was apparently in a sad state. Luckily for both locals and people who love historic architecture, St Albans clock tower was restored instead. Good thing considering the it is pparently the only clock tower of its vintage remaining in England today.

This artwork of the St Albans Clock Tower was intended to create a timeless vintage feeling. It shows the village today but in a way that feels like an art print that’s been battered by the passage of time. It’s a worn and weathered feel that combines a sense of life in St Albans today and a heritage quality at the same time.

Have you stood in the center of St Albans and gazed up a that medieval clock tower? Or perhaps you had the time to climb it? I’m afraid I didn’t get to climb the tower but it still captured my imagination. Whether you have been to St Albans or love the historic architecture in this print, I’d love to hear what attracts you to this artwork?


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