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St. Simons Island Artwork – The Lighthouse

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Georgia’s historic coast is home to some magical destinations as this St. Simons Island Artwork can demonstrate. The old lighthouse on St. Simons Island is not only historic, it’s a beautiful sight to see rising over the tree canopy. The current St. Simons Island Light was completed in 1872. It was built to replace a previous lighthouse that was destroyed during the American civil war. Now, after more than a century, the old light is rumored to have ghosts that go bump in the night. But those stories certainly it don’t stop the island and the grounds of the old light itself from being a popular wedding destination.

I don’t know if it holds true historically but certainly in modern times, there’s simply something romantic in our culture about lighthouses. People flock to tour these old lights. The lights are more than simple navigational aids. They seem to exist beyond simple towers as a beacon of warmth in the darkness – shelter from the storm of sorts. And that was the feel I was going for with this St. Simons Island artwork. The lighthouse is standing against a stormy sky with drops of rain falling through the night sky. And there stands the beautiful old light as a warm beacon. There’s so much blue in the darkness that you would almost expect this artwork to be cold, but the glow from the light itself and the windows of the tower leave me with a warm feeling and I’ve heard much the same from others.

I think the result is quite the same whether you’re searching for the perfect St. Simons Island artwork or you simply have a fondness for beautiful old lighthouses. Either way there’s a romantic sense of safety and warmth in the storm that appeals to all. Or certainly all who have a strong fondness for old lighthouses. Is that you, too?

I would love for you to stop and share your thoughts about this St. Simons Island artwork. And what brought you here? Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift for a couple getting married there? Or perhaps it’s a simple love for the symbolism of lighthouses?

Note: St Simons Lighthouse is on the US National Register of Historic Places.


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