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Starry Night In Mexico – Mérida Cathedral Art Print

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This starry night in Mexico print is based off of my second visit to Mérida, the capital city of the Yucatán state. Mérida is one of those cities that simply clicked for me. I can’t explain why beyond I love the historic architecture and the people of Mérida are simply charming. My first visit to the city was honestly something of an accident. I had never really heard of Mérida, but I wanted to see the Mayan ruins and was looking at cities that I could fly into using some skymiles I had. But once I read about Mérida it seemed right up my alley. My second visit to the city was a brief but welcome revisit almost four years later.

I was amazed at some of the changes in Mérida. In fact, on my first night there, I got to see the re-lighting of the historic cathedral seen in this starry night in Mexico print. On my first visit, the lighting of the cathedral was mainly from the peddler’s carts that lined the front of the old church after the sun set. On the second visit, there had been some renovations and a much more elaborate lighting scheme. There was a part of me that missed the simpler feel from my first visit but seeing the old architecture towering against the night sky had a way of altering my feelings.

The historic cathedral was the first of the Spanish colonial cathedrals I encountered. And I guess that’s somewhat fitting as it’s also one of the oldest cathedrals in the mainlands of the Americas. I have heard that the only older cathedrals are in the Caribbean. Completed in 1598, it’s something of an exception. Most of the old cathedrals and churches in Mexico are solidly in the Baroque style. The Catedral de San Ildefonso by contrast has some baroque influences but is principally in the Renaissance style with a little bit of a Moorish flavor to its bell towers. That eclectic blend of architecture gives a really exotic blend to my fantasy of a starry night in Mexico. There’s an unquestionable Latin flavor to the streets but the towering old cathedral truly feels as if it reaches back into the dusty pages of time, don’t you think?

This Mérida print was also intended to have a flair of the magical about it because of the ancient Mayan spirit that underlies that old church. You see, Mérida was built over a Mayan City, T’ho. In fact, the stone church reaching into the heavens in this Starry night in Mexico print is far more ancient than 16th century. The Mayan temples of T’ho were pulled down and the stone was re-used in the construction of this church.

Did you sense the hidden magic of this print? Have you stood before the old cathedral in Mérida on a starry night in Mexico? Or does this beautiful old world church capture your heart despite never having stood before it? I hope you might take a little pause to share what attracts you to this particular print?


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