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Stars Fell On Alabama – Rustic Map Art

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I first remember hearing about the night the Stars Fell On Alabama from reading an old family letter. The stories in that letter written in the early 20th century were all second hand. But they described in great detail the reactions to the the Leonid meteor shower in 1833. The night the Stars Fell on Alabama was apparently so impressive that many believed the world was coming to an end that night. A century later that meteor shower would inspire a book, and the title of that book led to the composition of a 1934 jazz standard.

The world may not have ended when the Stars Fell On Alabama on that November night back in 1833, but those few words describing that night have become synonymous with the state. So much so for a number of years “Stars Fell On Alabama” was displayed on state license plates. And I had no question that when I sat down to do this typographic state map art for my birth-state, it would reference that near-legendary night.

Despite having spent most of my life in Georgia, Alabama has always felt like a second home. I was born there and my family history there predates Alabama’s statehood. I’m not sure I’ll ever do artwork representing each of the 50 states, but there was never any question in my mind that Alabama would be one of the ones I would do.

And that’s how this particular state map art came to be with the outline of the state and the words Stars Fell on.. engraved across the map. It has a warm rustic quality that says ‘down home’ to me!

I hope you’ll take a few moments to comment and say what attracted you to this Alabama map art? Are you from Alabama? Still live there? Do you have a long family connection with the state? Maybe this design reminds you of home? I’d love to hear it from your perspective!


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