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Sun Studio Artwork – Ghosts of Memphis Print

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This Ghosts of Memphis print is a personal favorite of my Sun Studio artwork. I have done several pieces featuring this Memphis landmark that is known to many as the birthplace of rock and roll music. The title “Ghosts of Memphis” says much about why I find this particular print a choice one. I love night time scenes and the varying colors of city lights. There’s something magical and otherworldly about the night. It’s hard not to combine the ethereal realm of ghosts with magic for me personally. And if there was a place that would have it share of ghosts it would be  place with the energy of Sun Studio. Just think of all the creative juice from this place over the decades!

This Sun Studio artwork features a magical corner of historic Memphis at 706 Union Street. Sun Studio opened its doors here in 1950. A host of recording legends went on to record memorable music there including the greats of rock, rockabilly, R&B, and country. What ghost from the musical past in Memphis would you see in this print if you were to imagine it? Elvis? Johnny Cash? Someone else altogether?

I’ve had more than one person tell me this Sun Studio artwork gives them goosebumps. There’s something about the magic of the place that it captures, the legends that sprang from this corner of Memphis. This is pure Americana, I think. Don’t you agree?

It should be of no surprise that this humble building in the heart of Memphis is on the National Register of Historic places. Because of its legendary status, it’s still a big draw for many music fans today. Both those who lived through this era of music and many more. Which camp do you fall into? And what drew you to this particular Memphis art print?


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