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Surfing Action – Northern California Coastal Art Print

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My first trip to California was also my first exposure to the sport of surfing. Of course, I’ve seen people surfing on TV all my life, but I think it really is something you have to see in person to fully appreciate.

I had initially stopped along the coast near Santa Cruz to see the ocean and the beautiful rocky coastline, but then I spotted a group of surfers out on the waves. And I was instantly captivated. I sat there for hours without even realizing that time had passed. It seemed like I had been there just a short time. Part of that time I simply watched them in action, paddling out and surfing back in. But it wasn’t long before I started capturing some of the action. I wanted to frame some of that magic for myself.

As is often the case, there’s a bit of serendipity in this print. I spent hours taking pictures of various surfers who came close enough to shore for me to capture. But finding that right blend of a surfer near enough and on a good wave was a bit of luck. I could just as easily have been following another guy on a different wave that wouldn’t have looked as powerful as this print.

This was the surfing print that made those many attempts worthwhile. Granted I would have been happy having just sat there and watched. I did find surfing just that engaging. But also having a great print was frosting on the cake. Catching this surfer breaking across the top of a wave and bathed in sunlight was a fun reward. I couldn’t have been happier when I captured this moment. I lost track of how long this print was in my cube at work after I returned from California. I guess it was my proverbial happy place.

Since that trip to California, I have only had fleeting moments to see surfers in person. But I have been in love with the zen of surfing every since the happy accident of discovering them on the coast that morning.


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