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Trinity College Chapel – Dublin At Dusk Art Print

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The beautiful Georgian architecture of Trinity College called me back several times during my weeks in Dublin. Yet, it was a photo of taken at dusk on that first night that would be one of my personal favorite pieces of artwork from the venerable university.

Years ago, I read someone’s suggestions about the rain in Europe and particularly in Britain and Ireland. They suggested that making a positive out of the wet cobblestones was the trick to taking interesting pictures in a place far more likely to have wet streets than dry. And I have to say I’ve found this to be good advice. As I wandered into Parliament Square I loved the warm glow of the street lamps and the way they reflected on the old cobblestones. It undoubtedly rained earlier that evening although I don’t recall it. But rain in Dublin is almost a sure thing!

Those beautiful golden lights mingling with the cool winter blues of dusk made for a very nice mixture of blue and gold colors for this art print, don’t you think?

I’ll always look back at this particular art piece and be reminded of the Georgian grandeur of Dublin and the cool winter nights. I can almost feel the cool damp air on my face again… The warm lights of Trinity College Chapel against the cool blues remind me of what a warm city Dublin was in its nature, even in the cold air of a particularly harsh winter.

Have you experienced the warmth of the Irish people as well? Love Trinity college or are simply a push-over for beautiful Georgian architecture the likes of which Dublin is so well known?


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