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Tybee Pier In The Mists – Georgia Seaside Art

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This picture of Tybee Pier was taken in late evening on the seaside at Tybee Island, Georgia. I decided to take a long exposure photo of the beach for a couple of reasons. The overwhelming reason was for the softness of the sea. The waves literally vanish into mist in a long exposure. It creates something of a magical look in the seemingly still waters beneath Tybee Pier doesn’t it?

The other reason is that similarly people all but vanish in a long exposure. If you were to examine the photo closely, you’d spot a few people on the pier who stood still long enough to register a bit, but like the misty waters even they are indistinct and ghost-like.

I really love photos like this as it’s something we couldn’t really see or capture with our eyes. While I photographed this, I saw every person who wandered through the scene and heard and saw the waves hitting the beach, but my photo is a different story, moments blurred together into a surreal but beautiful landscape of the beach and Tybee Pier reaching into the sea.


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