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Vibrant Streets of Puebla – Picturesque Mexico Art

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There’s just something about the vibrant streets of a Mexican city. The colors and textures are an experience unto themselves, and combined with the typically warm people it’s simply a winning experience. It was something I noticed on my first trips south of the border before I had found my love of art. I’ll always remember the colors and laid back charm of that first visit. It was the reason I have been back to Mexico twice since then. And I suspect the reason I’ll be back again and again.

And every trip to Mexico has introduced me to the vibrant streets of yet more cities. It was my last visit where I found myself wandering the streets of Puebla seen in this colorful print. I only had a day there but it’s a city that has stuck with me every since. One of several from my last trip that I long to experience in more detail. I’ll never forget the colors of Puebla. And I loved that it felt like a real city rather than one gentrified by tourism. One block may have been freshly painted but on the next you would encounter a row of buildings like this with a patina that only time can create.

From what I’ve seen of my times on the vibrant streets of Puebla and beyond, it’s the tropical climate that creates these incredibly rustic vistas. It appears that almost as soon as a fresh layer of stucco and paint is on, the sun and elements begin to recreate their artwork. It’s a part of the Mexican experience as much as the people you see on the sidewalks and in the shop doors on this vibrant street in old Puebla.

Have you wandered the streets of Puebla? Or like some other buyers of this print have told me, is it simply the picturesque nature of this Puebla cityscape that calls to you despite never having been? I hope you might take a moment to share what calls to you most in this Puebla print?


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