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Winter on the River Liffey – Dublin Ireland Art Print

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Although I would later learn the Irish are known for their bright and bold colors, I wasn’t remotely prepared for them. On my first day in Dublin, I found my way down to the River Liffey and I was confronted with these rows of colorful buildings facing the waterfront. The narrow fronts of these building’s on the Liffey and the crayola colors reminded me of scenes I’d seen in photos of Amsterdam. Yet, I can assure you this print is of the river Liffey in the heart of Dublin!

It was just the beginning as I saw many Irish cities with a similar penchant for bright and beautiful colors like the ones in this Dublin winter photo. Definitely a pleasant surprise and a happy memory. I think discovering the colorful streets of Ireland was when I fell hard for that beautiful island.

The River Liffey is the very heart of old Dublin, the place where Vikings founded the city. Maybe it was a sense of the history there or perhaps it boiled down to the pretty buildings, but I spent a lot of time in Dublin walking along the Liffey. And I was lucky to have a few opportunities where all the conditions came together for memorable photo of those colorful quays.

I love how the skies in this print almost mirror the path of the river bank. And as you can see the light that afternoon was just killer.

It’s funny what we remember looking back on a moment, but I remember this day started out very gray. I had almost convinced myself to catch up on some reading or correspondence when I looked out the window and saw the sun coming out.

The rest is history. I was out with my camera in search of memorable Dublin scenes the moment the sun appeared. And I am so very glad I didn’t stay in!

Were you equally surprised by the colorful buildings on the River Liffey in Dublin? Or perhaps you have long known about and love about the bold colors of Ireland? Whatever draws you to this print of the Dublin quays, I’d love to hear about it!


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