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About This Image:

This restored vintage color photo is a great peek at American Women During World War II. When I ran across the original photo by photographer Alfred T. Palmer on the Library of Congress, I was really taken by the candid feel and the amazing vintage color. Doesn’t it have that old technicolor vibe to it? And as a general rule, we’re just not used to seeing vintage photos of this era in anything but gritty black and white.

The fact that this classic photo illustrated life on the home-front for some women during World War II is awesome. While not entirely ignored, their story is an aspect of America during war time that doesn’t always get as much attention as the stories of generals on the battlefield do. How many of you know what your grandmothers or great grandmothers were doing during WWII? Chances are even if they weren’t working on bombers, they were making sacrifices at home. If they are still around, you should definitely ask them to share their memories!

Chances are the lady in this vintage photo is someone’s grandmother. The original photo was taken in 1943 at Vultee Aircraft in Nashville, TN. She was working on the insignia on a Vengeance Dive Bomber. With all that back-story in mind, I was determined to bring this view of women during World War II back to life. When I finished restoring this print, I had the feeling that I was practically there standing next to this lady in that old aircraft factory. While vivid, the colors just have a true-to-life feel that I’m very pleased with.

I would love to hear what attracts you to this vintage photo? Is it the fact it sheds a little light on the life of women during World War II? Or perhaps it reminds you of stories your grandmother told you? I hope you will take a second to share your thoughts!

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