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Wren Chapel at Emmanuel College – Cambridge England Art Print

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The streets of Cambridge, England, seemed to be one beautiful vignette after another. Round a corner or peek through a door and it seemed there was invariably some classic old architecture to see. If I hadn’t been preparing to bid farewell to England, I have no doubt I would have turned my afternoon in Cambridge into days if it had just been possible!

This Cambridge courtyard print is a beautiful illustration of how lovely the city of Cambridge is. This is the Wren Chapel at historic Emmanuel College. The baroque chapel also shows the architectural heritage of Cambridge as the baroque style Wren Chapel was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Wren, of course, is the famed 17th century architect who designed and built the new St. Paul’s Cathedral and a number of other landmark buildings in London after the great fire.

Emmanuel College is known to Cambridge locals as “Emma” which helps explain my title for this architecture print. It’s an album title that some among you may recognize. The title reminded me of the architectural heritage of this college and the long history of this beautiful British city.

Aside from the classically beautiful architecture of the Wren Chapel, my favorite elements of this image are the wonderfully dramatic sky and thewell manicured lawn. You can tell this courtyard gets a lot of upkeep as the landscaper’s tools are still visible. I think that’s a neat and homey touch. Emma would be a beautiful campus to attend, no doubt.

Have you visited Cambridge as well? Perhaps you also were lucky enough to get to see Emma and the Wren Chapel? Or maybe you even attended Emmanuel College? Or you just simply love historic architecture as much as I do? I’d love to know what struck you about this architecture print from Emma?


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