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Colorful Birmingham Skyline – Alabama Art


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When I was designing this Birmingham Skyline art, I wanted it to be more than a nod to the gleaming skyscrapers. That’s just part of the story of Birmingham. This is a skyline that is populated with both skyscrapers and landmarks. It’s art that speaks to the soul of Birmingham.

First you’ll spot the Sloss Furnaces on the far left in this Birmingham Skyline. I included these historic blast furnaces as they are an integral part of Birmingham’s history. Alabama’s largest city rose to prominence as an industrial powerhouse soon after its founding in the 19th century. The Sloss Furnaces may have cooled but they still stand as an historic landmark today.

Interspersed within the rest of the Birmingham Skyline is the famous Vulcan Statue and the Alabama Theatre Marquee. These are nods not just to the history of the city but its rich culture. As Vulcan suggests, Birmingham still has an industrial heart even today. The steel industry remains part of the local economy even as the Banking industry has grown in importance. The silhouettes of those skyscrapers old and new speak to that future of the city.

There’s a real element of whimsy in this Birmingham Skyline. There are lots of ways to read the colorful splashes of color and I’ll leave the interpretation to the viewer. Principally though, I will say I wanted this to feel fun. It was fun making it and I feel a real lighthearted sensation when I look at this Alabama art. And it provides a colorful addition to any decor, don’t you think?

In fact, I think it’s the colorful aspect of this Birmingham Skyline that has made it one of my more popular art prints. No doubt it’s also because it speaks to people who either live in Birmingham or have history there.

I hope you’ll tell me what attracted you to this particular artwork? Are you a Birmingham Native? Maybe you lived there for years and still have fond memories of the Magic City? What does this artwork say to you? I hope you’ll take a second to share your thoughts!


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