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Dam at Old Roswell Mill – Georgia Fall Color Art


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North Georgia is known for its beautiful waterfalls. And waterfalls are unquestionably beautiful subjects throughout the year, but I personally have a deeper affection for them when they are surrounded by the fall colors for which North Georgia is also well known. The waterfalls in this fall print are man-made, a relic of old industry, the dam on Vickery Creek at Old Roswell Mill. Although they have been there so long that they feel like part of the landscape of North Fulton County.

The walking trails around Old Roswell Mill were my favorite places to spend my off time when I live in North Fulton County. There were even trails a bit closer to me that I passed to get here. I loved the sense of history along Vickery Creek and the feeling that one was not in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta and its suburbs. But my favorite part of those walks was always getting to the old dam and hearing the sounds of falling water splashing into Vickery Creek below. It was a beautiful spot to relax and let the outside world melt away for awhile.

In the Autumn, I would come down to Old Roswell Mill even more often. I loved to see the changing fall colors on each visit as more and more green gave way to golds, orange and red. This print of those gorgeous fall colors over the old dam at Roswell Mill was taken at the height of the changing colors one year. The morning light was in the trees far above Vickery Creek and I loved the natural gradient of light from high in the tree top over the dam to the softer shadows above the creek. At creek level, there was still a sense of the cool quiet air of morning, above the riot of color at sunrise. Such a beautiful contrast!

Have you also walked to the historic dam at Old Roswell Mill in Roswell, Georgia? Or do you find this print striking and you’ve never had the pleasure of a walk there? I do hope you’ll share what attracted you to this fall color print!


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