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Historic Andalusia – First National Bank Building Art


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There’s no question that the First National Bank Building is prominent among historic Andalusia architecture. Not only was it designed by the same Frank Lockwood responsible for the current Covington County Courthouse, it stands six stories – a comparative skyscraper on the Andalusia skyline.

I’ve read an interesting tale that the original plan was not for such a tall building but the owner of the neighboring property raised his asking price. Undaunted the developer of the First National Bank Building decided to go UP instead. It makes for an interesting tale but this piece of historic Andalusia was built during the first boom of skyscrapers across America. Virtually none of these buildings would qualify as skyscrapers today, least of all the one in Andalusia. But it was built on a skyscraper scale when compared to the surrounding architecture, so I can’t help wondering what the story behind this towering building on Courthouse Square really is?

When my mother was growing up in Andalusia, it was known as the Timmerman Building, so despite the fact its had multiple names throughout its history, the one she knew it by is what I grew up calling it on our visits “home” to see family and friends in Andalusia. This piece of historic Andalusia with its trademark clock has been a crumbling landmark much of my life, a shadow of the building my mother knew.

So I was thrilled to read that the city has purchased it with plans not to demolish it but to renovate it as part of their continuing (and I would say successful) effort to revitalize the core of historic Andalusia. I see so many towns and small cities with crumbling downtown districts that it’s a pleasure to see the ones who are trying to make old structures work in a changing world. That new article was what prompted me to do this particular Andalusia art print. I wanted this piece to have a sense of history, and perhaps, for a change, not just a sense of what it was like back when but what it may be like again.

Do you have a connection with the old Timmerman Building? Perhaps family members once worked in the First National Bank Building? Or you simply love heritage architecture or historic Andalusia? I would love to know what brought you to this particular piece of art and hope you will take a few moments from your day to share your thoughts or questions.

Note: The First National Bank Building shown in this print is on the US National Register of Historic Places.


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