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Old School Periodic Table


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The inspiration for this retro style artwork was the periodic table on the chalkboard in my own school when I was growing up. Perchance, does it take you back to your own school days? Granted, it might help if you, like me, went to a school that was already vintage when you were born!

Part of the well-worn chalkboard in one corner of my chemistry classroom was permanently etched with sections of the periodic table of the elements. The challenge of course was memorizing and filling in the atomic number, weight, and mass of each element on the periodic table as well as being able to identify the different chemical series. That old periodic table chalkboard had been erased and re-done so many times that there was always evidence of chalk dust all over it. And that old classroom quality was the charm I wanted to portray here.

This old school periodic table art has a classic touch whether you’re planning to decorate a classroom, your kid’s room or simply want to show off your own geeky side. Even though my life took a different path, I have always had a yen for science. Our collective quest to understand our universe has always fascinated me and perhaps in an alternate universe somewhere I turned right and pursued those interests? That life-long interest is the reason I wanted this to have a vintage style yet be reasonably up-to-date. After all, they’ve -gasp- added elements to the periodic table since I was looking at that old chalkboard in chemistry class!

Of course, science is constantly expanding our knowledge of the cosmos. So if you notice any updates are needed to my old school periodic table art, be sure to drop me a line! I would also love to hear what most caught your attention in this vintage style periodic table? Remind you of your love of science? Want to inspire the next generation?


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