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Toomer’s Corner – An Auburn Tradition


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I think every historic college town seems to have its own special traditions. For those of us who have attended Auburn University or simply lived there, I think Toomer’s Corner would definitely qualify. Toomer’s Corner is both a local landmark and a tradition. This corner of the Auburn campus owes its name to Toomer’s Drugs which has stood on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street every since 1896.

It’s been more than a century and the little shop across from Toomer’s Corner is less a drug store these days and more a local attraction. Yet it’s hard to imagine Auburn the city or the college campus without it! True, the students crossing Magnolia and College Street may change as the semesters pass, but there’s a sense of continuity that, for me at least, emanates from that simple little building seen here on the corner. It’s part of the local history and lore. How many students have met here after class? Or met here by chance for the first time and became lifelong friends or more? Toomer’s Corner is a traditional gathering spot for students and Tiger fans on game-day during Football season. And that’s especially true following a victory!

That sense of being a gather place was the feeling I was going for in this Toomer’s Corner artwork. I wanted to capture that sense of timelessness that I feel myself when I stand there. Toomer’s Corner is intimately connected with people’s memories of their time in Auburn, of that there is no doubt. I think in the end this is a sentimental piece that would make a great gift for people who have their own Auburn story whether it was meeting the love of their life or their best friends.

Does this Toomer’s Corner print remind you of happy days spent in Auburn, Alabama? Does it remind you of good times with friends new or old? I hope you’ll pause for a moment to share what this Auburn print means to you? For me, it reminds me of some of the best friends I’ve made in my life. How about you?


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