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  • Chichen Itza Pyramid Print by Mark Tisdale - Mayan Temple

    Chichen Itza Pyramid – Mayan Temple Art Print

    This Chichen Itza pyramid is undoubtedly one of the most well known of the Mayan temples and virtually synonymous with a visit to the Yucatan peninsula. No doubt, most visitors to this part of Mexico probably turn up at the … Read More
  • Mayan Mystery At Chichen Itza Print by Mark Tisdale

    The Mayan Mystery – Chichen Itza Art Print

    The first time I had a real taste of the Mayan Mystery was standing before the Temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza some years ago. I had long been interested in the Mesoamerican cultures and the artifacts they left behind, … Read More
  • Chichen Itza ruins print by Mark Tisdale

    Chichen Itza Ruins – Mayan Temple Art Print

    When I planned my week in Mérida several years ago, high on my list of things to do was to see the Chichen Itza ruins. Those amazing Mayan temples had long been on my radar. There’s something about the architectural … Read More
  • Mayan Serpent - Chichen Itza Art Print by Mark Tisdale

    Ancient Mayan Serpent – Chichen Itza

    If you’ve explored many of the ancient ruins in the Yucatan region, you’ve likely encountered a variety of Mayan serpents. This motif is carried beyond just the temples to Kukulkan. This particular Mayan Serpent, for example, is from the edge … Read More
  • Ruins of Chichen Itza - Mayan Temple Art Print by Mark Tisdale

    Mayan Temple – Chichen Itza Ruins

    There’s something about Mayan architecture in particular and ancient Mesoamerican architecture in general that I find fascinating. But I’m hard-pressed to put it into words. But this ancient Mayan Temple definitely stands out among the examples I’ve seen. Compared to … Read More