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  • Forsyth Park - Savannanh Fountain Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale

    Forsyth Park – Savannah Fountain

    It’s funny how a piece of art can find its own path as this Forsyth Park artwork did. When I first envisioned this rainy artwork, I thought there would be a small figure or two nearer the famous Victorian fountain. … Read More
  • Trevi Fountain art print by Mark Tisdale

    Famous Trevi Fountain – Landmark Rome Art Print

    In any major city, there are simply some landmarks that have to be seen. In Rome, the famous Trevi Fountain is unquestionably on that list. Not just because it’s an amazingly beautiful baroque fountain but because tradition holds that you … Read More
  • Trevi Fountain in Rome -  La Dolce Vita Print by Mark Tisdale

    La Dolce Vita – Trevi Fountain Art Print

    There’s something magical about the Trevi Fountain. It really screams La Dolce Vita to me! That’s the spirit of not just Rome, but Italy. It’s an Italian phrase that translates literally to The Sweet Life. The saying became well-known thanks … Read More