Collection of articles that are broadly classified as news. This may be information about my journey as an artist. It could feature events or it may be about art news in the broader sense of the word. Or it may be about changes to my website, the print on demand sites and marketplaces I use, and more.

I consider this one artist’s running commentary on his own art business and in some instances the broader world.

In a sense, this is a bit of a history category because the posts here reflect new directions that are now years past!  If you ever see a topic that you’d like to hear more about, let me know. Perhaps there’s new news to share!

New Website Unveiling

It’s been bubbling in the back of my mind for awhile now to re-do my website.  It was, to put it kindly, a Frankenstein behind the scenes.  I’d like to think that from the outside looking in, it was rather … Read More

Coming Home – Montezuma, Georgia

I’m really pleased to announce a new book featuring my photography! I think this description (which is part of the introduction), explains it best: This collection of photos has grown over the past few years as my interest in photography … Read More

Calendars for 2009

As the year is rapidly winding down, I thought it would be a good idea to point out that I have a couple of calendars up for 2009 using shots from England this past September and from Egypt at the … Read More

Magic Moments

I’m somewhat active on flickr, but then I’m somewhat active on a few art sites. Flickr, though, at the moment, is probably where I’m most consistently active. I especially keep current on the local groups for the Atlanta area. A … Read More

Awards and Fun, Oh My!

This weekend was the 13th annual Beaver Creek Festival in Montezuma, Georgia. I decided this year to both get a booth as well as enter some photography in the art show held in conjunction with it. The photos in the … Read More

Imagekind Partners with Flickr

Quite interesting news from Imagekind yesterday as they have partnered with Flickr. As a casual user of flickr and someone actively advertising my prints gallery at imagekind, this is very interesting news. One of the things noticeably absent from Flicrk … Read More

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