50s Music Poster Featuring a Classic Car - Elvis' Pink Cadillac
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50s Music Poster – Classic Pink Cadillac Art


It’s funny how often some of my artwork, like this 50s music poster, starts as something entirely different. The basis of this actually started as a potential book cover I was working on. The cover itself went in an entirely different direction but I came back to this homage to classic 50s music and I decided it couldn’t end up in the great cosmic dustbin.

50s Music Poster Featuring a Classic Car - Elvis' Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac At The Stage Door

I did have to start over but it was the concept behind the book cover I loved. I liked that at its core, it was a 50s Music Poster that any one who loved classic Rock n Roll from the 1950s would instantly recognize the key components! The Pink Cadillac, of course, suggests Elvis himself, the king of Rock. This is further brought on by the well-worn guitar case and the stage door. It feels like you’re looking into the past to those heady days of the 50s when rock music was still in its infancy. The details tell a story and refer to an actual period in history when Elvis and his band did tour out of a classic 50’s Cadillac.

This is one of those fun prints that I see having appeal both to those who love Elvis, rock n roll history, and classic cars. I’m not a car guy – in that I can’t tell you what engine X car had or things like that. But I love the style of 50s cars. There’s just something optimistic about them. The jet age was beginning and everything almost looked like it would fly if given a chance. My mom has said more than once that to her the cars of the 50s look happy. I don’t think that’s simply a matter of it being an era she looks back on fondly but the overall mood of the period influencing style. Coming out of both the Depression and a World War, the future seemed bigger.

So what do you see when you look at this? Is it simply a print that captures the feel of a classic 50s music poster? Is it all about that Pink Cadillac for you? Or does it stir up happy memories of Elvis himself? Hope you’ll pause for a moment to share your thoughts and any stories this may conjure up for you!

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