These are art tips and tools that I hope will help other artists or be of interest to the people who follow my work. These art tips and tools run the gamut from articles about the camera gear I use to my experience selling my art online in the print on demand business model.

I’ve been a visual artist for over a decade now. Most of that time, my art has been my sole source of income. Since most of my experience is mine alone, these may not be tricks of the trade as such, but it should be regarded simply as one person’s way of getting things done.

I feel like most people’s experience as an artist is pretty uniquely their own. But I hope my art tips and tools will be either enlightening or helpful. Perhaps it will help some who follow me better understand me. Or perhaps it will help other artists. If it does either, that’s a good deal in my book!

XP-Pen Artist 22E Review

Were any of you out there expecting an XP-Pen Artist 22E review? Probably  not! Especially since I posted earlier this year that I had gotten an XP-Pen Artist 16. So, it only seems fair to explain how I went from … Read More

Camera Gear

One question I am frequently asked is what camera do I use. The first thing I want to say is that I’m neither brand conscious  nor do I believe the secret is in the camera! If you have a camera already … Read More

Creating Photo Art

Although “plain” photography is my first love, I have also been branching out into photo art the past year or so. I am forever amazed at what a difference layering on different textures can make between a photo’s start and … Read More