I’ve recently read that it’s old fashioned to welcome people to a website these days. Apparently it’s ever so 1990’s of me to have that welcome heading on the front page, but I do most sincerely want to thank you for taking a few minutes of your life to explore the work that I do. For the past decade I’ve made a living depending on people just like you who stop by and purchase my prints for their homes and offices.

So, yes, I do appreciate your interest whether you’re here to enjoy looking at my art or you are actively shopping for wall art for your home or office. And if there’s anyway I can help you, please send me a message with your questions or comments.

Over the years, I’ve generated a diverse if eclectic body of work. And usually my favorite print is whatever I finished most recently, but I’m particularly proud of my Georgia collections, because yes, I’m a local Georgia artist. Although born in Alabama, I grew up here and have spent most my adult life in Georgia.

If your heart is in Georgia or you just want to understand what makes me tick as a human being, I hope you’ll explore these print collections.

Images Of Home

State of Georgia Prints by artist Mark Tisdale
Georgia Prints
Atlanta Art Prints Collection By Georgia Artist Mark Tisdale
Atlanta Prints
Georgia Coast Print Collection by Artist Mark Tisdale
Georgia Coast Prints
Middle & South Georgia Print Collection by Local Artist Mark Tisdale
Middle & South Georgia Prints
North Georgia Print Collection by local artist Mark Tisdale
North Georgia Prints

That's not all folks...

I got my start as a photographer soon after I first started traveling, so you’ll find prints inspired by my travels in England, Ireland, Scotland, and more.

And as my work has broadened to include digital art and mixed media work combining traditional art with digital, my work has evolved to tackle more subjects. You can see the prints I’ve featured here on Mark On Art in my print collections.

Alabama Print Collection by Artist Mark Tisdale
Alabama Prints
UK Art Print Collection by Artist Mark Tisdale
UK Prints
Ireland Prints Catalog by artist Mark Tisdale
Ireland Prints
Paris Art Prints Collection by artist Mark Tisdale
Paris Prints
Mexican Art Prints Collection by Mark Tisdale
Mexican Prints

Messages From The Artist

From The Artist

Developing a voice as an artist is a constant evolution. Somewhere along the way, your artwork becomes recognizable and distinctive. My artistic journey started roughly nine years ago. As my voice has developed, my prints have been purchased by people around our beautiful world.

It’s both humbling and exciting to know there are many people enjoying my art on their walls right now. It’s truly a pleasure to do something I love full time!

Perhaps you stopped by to simply browse or you’re actively shopping for a unique style of art for your home, office or other design project? Either way your time spent here s greatly appreciated.

Your support of an independent artist either by purchasing prints or sharing with your friends makes all the difference. Thanks for your support of artwork that won’t be found by the truckload at all the big box stores!

Future Plans

My long term goal is to feature all of my currently available prints directly on this site. In the meantime, if you’d like to see my full collection of available prints, you can view them in my shop.

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