Although most of my prints of England are based on my later trips, my very first time out of the US was a short solo trip to London. On that first trip, I was so unsure about traveling alone that I made it a long weekend to check out London and see just a bit of the major sights like Stonehenge. But as you likely well know, that was simply not enough. And I have been back to England several times over since then. London is probably one of my favorite places in the world and since then I have seen more of the English Countryside including Cornwall.

Every trip to England includes some London time, as you can likely tell from this collection of artwork. But with each visit, I have broadened my reach a bit. I have visited the Neolithic standing stones at Stonehenge and Avebury twice now and checked out the sights in Bath and Glastonbury. And well, I could have stayed on the seaside in Newquay for good and been perfectly pleased. The coastal landscapes of Cornwall still call to me.

I cannot lay my hand on one single thing that I love about England. I think it really is the full package. It’s the beautiful landscapes as well as the historic cities. I love the quaint architecture of the villages of England more than words can say, and on the other end of the scale the eclecticism of London speaks to me as well. I love that London is a city where you can stand next to the ruins of a roman wall one minute and moments later gaze upon leading edge postmodern architecture. The iconic Victorian Gothic Tower Bridge may have been built to complement the nearby Tower of London, but London is a city that never quit embracing new styles.

And my prints of England very much reflect that spectrum. From quaint village streets, to beautiful landscapes, and the modern cityscape of London, the diverse fabric of modern day England is on display in my artwork from my trips there. And some of these prints are among my all time most popular pieces. It was my art based on my London travels that started the wheels turning on my journey to being a full time artist. The incredible positive reaction to my first efforts led to the rest of the artwork I have done.

So a massive thank you to those long ago first art patrons for my England prints as well as other past and present people who have supported my journey by purchasing my art prints. When you support artists, you really are supporting our dreams of doing something we love! It means a lot that my England wall art is decorating homes and offices from Australia to America!

Your interest in my artwork is most appreciated!

The art you decorate with is something that you will look at for years to come. This is true whether it is wall art for your home or a public space in your place of business. Paint colors may come and go, but the artwork often outlives the rest of your decor choices.

That is why I am more than happy to answer any of your questions. Whether you want to know more about a specific piece of art or have a more general question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love the opportunity to discuss the story behind my art as much as sharing helpful details.

I am also open to discussing any special requests you may have. Perhaps you have a special decorating challenge or need artwork tailored to fit a specific space? Or you have a special design opportunity to discuss?

Well, I have always enjoyed challenging projects, so just ask!

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