Amazing Night – Stonehenge Canvas Print

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About This Image

Amazing Night – Stonehenge Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This Stonehenge canvas print features artwork that is loosely based on photos I took some years ago when visiting this amazing ancient site. Mind you it was not night on either of my visits to Stonehenge so this is very much a work of the imagination, how it might have felt to stumble over Stonehenge some magical night under a full moon long ago.

In this print you see the Stonehenge of my mind, a beautiful and celestial temple, a place that we can really only vaguely understand today as far removed as we are from its Neolithic builders. Every day we seem to understand just a little more about the construction of Stonehenge and its setting in ancient times. Each new discovery sheds a little light on the past in Britain. But at the end of the day, I’m uncertain we’ll ever really know the minds of the people who sacrificed part of their short existence to build this ancient monument.

I am lucky enough to have seen Stonehenge twice. The first visit was at the very dawn of my love affair with traveling and my journey as a visual artist.

This Stonehenge canvas print with the moon and stars hanging above is all about the mystery of this place. Have you visited Stonehenge or is it still just a dream? I would love to hear what attracted you to this particular Stonehenge canvas print? Does it stir a feeling of magic for you? Do you love ancient sites like this (I do!) or? If you have comments or questions I hope you’ll drop me a note.

Note: Stonehenge, Avebury and associated neolithic monuments in Wiltshire are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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