This collection of Chicago art prints were inspired by my visits to that beautiful city on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago was one of the first major cities I ever visited outside of my home state. And I will never forget those towering skyscrapers. And in the birth place of the skyscraper no less! Although I admit, I’m not sure I knew that then! I just knew the Chicago skyline was amazing.

My Chicago art prints are centered on the architecture of that amazing city and every time I look at these prints, I’m inspired to see Chicago again. And I hope you feel the same way when you see these prints.

There’s certainly no shortage of Chicago wall art out there, so it always brings a smile to my face when someone picks one of my prints for a place on the walls of their home or office. In fact, my Chicago skyline prints were among the first of my prints to become popular. When people choose my work to to decorate with, it means a lot to me. So if you’re thinking of adding a little Chicago wall art to your decor or giving it as a gift, thank you in advance!

All of my prints are available in an range of sizes and in several different print formats. You can buy anything from a small keepsake for a gift to a large Chicago canvas print or framed wall art ready to hang. If you have questions before ordering prints or need to discuss anything about my work, please send me your message.

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