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Chicago At Night – Golden Cityscape Art Print


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Chicago at night is simply an amazingly beautiful sight. On my first visit years ago, I saw the skyline from the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) and was awe-struck by how high it was. The view from that observation deck rivals the view from a plane on approach to Chicago, no doubt!

On that first visit to Chicago, I didn’t get the full effect though. I didn’t get to see the city lights of Chicago at night. On my second visit, I was lucky that the stars, somewhat literally, aligned. Only a short time after my flight arrived, I was on the observation deck as dusk fell over Chicago. I got to watch as the brilliant city lights come to life over that sea of skyscrapers. And as this Chicago at night print shows, it was a phenomenal dusk along the Lake Michigan waterfront. I particularly love how the deep dusk blue skies disappear into the waters in this aerial view of the waterfront.

This print of Chicago at night borders on the fantasy. It feels like a golden cityscape designed for a fictional city in a film rather than anything one could encounter in real life. Believe me as I stood there on the observation deck watching this scene unfold, I had to pinch myself a few times. It was a uniquely beautiful Chicago night without question.

Have you seen dusk fall on Chicago from an aerial perspective? Have you enjoyed watching the golden city lights against an intensely vivid blue backdrop? Or does this Chicago print simply speak to the side of you that loves dramatic imagery? I’d love for you to share what speaks to you most in this Chicago cityscape print?


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