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Cafe du Monde Print – New Orleans in the Rain


Looking for vibrant artwork that isn’t mass produced? The prints youll find here are often colorful and always memorable. Let your neighbors buy ordinary art while you shop small and express your individual style.

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A Cafe du Monde print seemed like a natural starting point as I’ve had several people ask me about New Orleans artwork in the past. And I guess I’m still going through a wet phase because my absolute favorite thing to do is portray places in the rain right now. There’s something that really gets my gears turning as I start considering what will be reflecting in those wet streets and the necessary angles and colors. And frankly there’s something warm to me about rainy images. The rain may conjure feelings of cold but when you show a warmly lit subject in the rain, it just creates a warm feeling – at least it does for me. Do you feel the same way when you look at this Cafe du Monde print or my other rainy art?

I read somewhere that Cafe du Monde is among the most instgrammed landmarks you can find. That is to say many people on Instagram posts pictures of themselves having visited for the obligatory beignets and café au lait. Little wonder why! When in Rome, eat as the Romans do, after all. When a place is as well visited as the original French Quarter Cafe du Monde is, it’s a double edged sword of course. Not only does it mean there are people out there who would love a Cafe du Monde print of their own, it means creating an original piece of art depicting it will be a bit harder! I feel the vibrancy of this rainy night scene makes this a unique Cafe du Monde print – rather than something hastily grabbed at the first or last souvenir shop. I think we’ve all been there, particularly as we’re leaving a city and trying to grab a memento to remember out time in a place we enjoyed. Sometimes it’s better to wait to get home to find that perfect reminder. Particularly if you want something that’s different and wasn’t printed by the thousands.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my Cafe du Monde print. Does it remind you of time spent in New Orleans? Or are you looking for a gift for someone else? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Or if you want to share a memory of your own or comment on the artwork, please share your thoughts down below.

All of my prints are available in a variety of sizes from small keepsake size to large canvas prints and other wall art formats. Click through to see your options for purchasing your print and again, if you have questions about print sizes, formats, etc. just ask.


  1. Sue

    Love this! Your site is a treasure.

    • Mark E Tisdale

      Thank you! So happy you enjoyed my work!

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