Odds are if you have landed on my page you are searching for Atlanta canvas prints to buy. I called the Atlanta area home for a little over a decade. I’ll be dating myself to say that I moved there in 1998. So some of my memories of Atlanta are growing a bit vintage. I lived for the first couple of years in Atlanta not far from the Lindbergh Marta station before moving nearer where I worked in Johns Creek. So my Atlanta experience is a mix of the city itself and the suburbs. But more important, Atlanta is inextricably part of my path to becoming an artist.

It was Atlanta where I learned to do more with a camera than take accidentally good photos. And it was also where I began to experiment as a digital artist. I was part of group shows there and began to sell my work online. Essentially it was where I found the courage to try something outside the box for a life.

Atlanta Icons…

And it was where I turned my attention to local subjects. My first foray into art was taking photos on my travels abroad but unless you’re very fortunate it’s hard to do that consistently. I realized if I was going to get more experience I needed to look closer to home. And I did a series of local landmark images I called my Atlanta Icons because you don’t always have to travel to find interesting things to see. In fact one of my Atlanta canvas prints I still offer was part of that series. It’s the one of the Fox Theatre sign that you’ll see adjacent to the text. That sun-soaked view of that beautiful old sign has long been popular with Atlanta art buyers.

Atlanta Canvas Prints - The Fox Theatre Sign - by Mark Tisdale
Sign Above The Fox Theatre
Rain Falling on Peachtree Street - Atlanta Canvas Prints by Mark Tisdale
Rain Falling On Peachtree Street

The Journey Continues

Despite leaving Atlanta more than a decade ago, This local artist still calls Georgia home and will always have a soft spot for the city. After all it was a big part of my years as a young adult. And even at bit of a distance it continues to inspire new work like this recent painting of the rain falling on Peachtree Street outside the Fabulous Fox. These days I wear both hats as an artist. I still take out my camera. Sometimes it’s simply to get reference images but sometimes I look at a photograph and feel it’s perfect as it is. Other times I love looking at a blank canvas in Corel Painter and composing a scene as I would like it to be without relying on the right light or the right moment.

While I have stood on Peachtree street in the rain, I was never lucky enough to have precisely this scene unfold before me. Imagination is a fun and wonderful thing!

And you can probably tell I have a fondness for the Fox Theatre. Part of that is simply down to loving history and beautiful architecture. But I also visited the Fox years before I would ever call Atlanta home. I think if there’s any place that all Georgians are proud of, it may be the Fox. At the very least it seems like we all know the story of how that landmark narrowly missed the wrecking ball.

Some More Popular Atlanta Canvas Prints

Mary Mac's Tea Room - Art by Mark Tisdale
Mary Mac’s Tea Room – Old Atlanta
Colorful Atlanta Skyline Art by Mark Tisdale
Colorful Atlanta Skyline Canvas Print
The King And Queen Towers - Art by Mark Tisdale
The King and Queen Towers Canvas Print
Majestic Diner Art by Georgia Artist Mark Tisdale
The Majestic Diner

Speaking of landmarks, some are virtually bedrock and unchanging like The Varsity seen below in another of my Atlanta canvas prints. It’s a place that I expect to outlast us all. The second of these two canvas prints won an award for best use of color in a show I participated in a lifetime ago and gave me a timely boost to keep on with my work.

Atlanta Canvas Prints Of The Varsity
Outside The Varsity
The Varsity Sign - Art by Mark Tisdale
The Varsity Sign

I hope you enjoyed a few of the highlights from my Atlanta canvas prints. There are quite a few more I hope you might enjoy browsing through. Canvas prints are my personal favorite choice precisely because they arrive ready to hang. No needing to take it to a framer or having to try to frame it yourself. Just take it straight out of the box and put it on your wall. And I have used the vendor I currently use for my canvas prints for over a decade now. When I get a canvas print for my own walls, I have it professionally printed at the same place that would print your canvas print. So I can say from personal experience that I’ve had these prints hanging on my walls for years without fading or any other time-related maladies. As it should be when a printer uses museum quality materials and inks.

Mark Tisdale - The Artist Who Runs This Site
The Artist Behind The Curtains

How Can I Help?

When all is said and done, I think it’s important that you know you are dealing with an individual when you buy canvas prints or other products from my shop. You’re not buying from a large corporation representing thousands of faceless sellers. The same person who is making the art you’ve seen above is the one who is answer your emails and tracking your orders to make sure they’re delivered in good order.

You are not simply a number to me. I do my best to treat my customers as I would want to be treated. I’m here to answer any questions you might have before or after you purchase. And where at all possible I’m happy to work with you to provide customized work. Maybe you are trying to fit one of my prints in with others you have and the size/shape is not quite a match to the grouping? Or in the past customers have asked me to add in tiny “easter egg” details that are meaningful to the recipient. I’m always happy to discuss.

I also keep a running list of subjects I don’t currently have but people are seeking. So if you enjoyed the style of my work but didn’t see the subject you were after, please do let me know.

I’ve been an artist for the past 15 years and most of that time, it has been the way I put the proverbial food on my table. So it matters to me from multiple reasons that you have an enjoyable experience buying canvas prints or other products from my shop. Let me know how I can help.