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Chicago Theatre Marquee Blueprint Art


Looking for vibrant artwork that isn’t mass produced? The prints youll find here are often colorful and always memorable. Let your neighbors buy ordinary art while you shop small and express your individual style.

Each print is individually made to your order and available in a range of sizes and formats. Choose from prints to frame locally or ready to hang metal prints, and traditional canvas prints.



This Chicago Theatre Marquee Blueprint art is an homage not only to the famous sign that hangs over that Chicago landmark but to the beautiful design style of many of the classic marquees from the same era. There’s a reason that movie theaters today are often built with a similar style. It has a look that the public has connected with emotionally for generations now. When you see one of those signs looming ahead, you know it is, or at least was, a theater! And for those of us who love the movies, there’s an almost Pavlovian response!

This artwork was designed to look as if it might be a vintage blueprint, the very drafts for the design that a customer may have signed off on decades ago. Blueprints have a simple beauty to them that catches our eyes. I think its because of the simplicity of them. They have a relatively simple color scheme and they are essentially line art which aims to illustrate what the 3D object would look like. I think this is an artwork style that appeals to more than just the architects among us.

This Chicago Theatre Marquee blueprint art has appeal for people who love Chicago. Whether they’ve lived there or just love to visit, they’ve likely seen the sign. After all, that old marquee is frequently seen in travel articles, etc. It’s pretty much a symbol for Chicago itself. And that makes this a great print to use to proclaim your love for Chicago. Whether you call Chicago home or you once did, it’s a print that is a conversation starter and communicates your feelings for the city and its history.

I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts on this unique artwork. If you found yourself attracted to this particular Chicago print, I hope you’ll discuss it. Does it remind you of a particular memory or does it simply say “home” for you? Like the rest of my work, this print is available in a range of sizes from quite small prints which make great keepsakes to large wall art that you can center your room around. Maybe you have a home theater that needs a touch of Chicago class?  If you have any questions about this artwork, purchasing prints, or comments in general, you can send me a message directly with your thoughts.



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