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Dusk Over Chicago – Aerial City Lights Art


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Almost a decade had passed when I visited the Sears Tower and saw those epic aerial views of Chicago for the second time. I’ll never forget my first visit, though. I was absolutely unprepared for how high the observation deck was. The views over Chicago were not unlike those from my plane coming in the same day. By the time I visited again, I had found a love for creating visual art. And my second visit was better timed as the views of dusk over Chicago were absolutely amazing as you can see in this print.

That dusk over Chicago view was something of a happy accident. On my second visit to the Sears Tower (since re-named the Willis Tower), it was a spur of the moment decision on an overnight business trip to the city. Finding myself gazing over that seemingly endless flat stretch of the city as dusk fell over Chicago… well… I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to drive in the wrong direction to see the city lights from an aerial view!

I love the colors in this dusk over Chicago print. Look at the great blue skies high above the city streets fading into gold and orange on the horizon. And the warm city lights creating a great grid pattern in the landscape below. It’s such a minimal scene that this print is very much about the dusk colors and the beautiful city lights. And whenever I think about Chicago, this dreamy moment comes to mind.

Have you watched dusk over Chicago from the aerial vantage point of that great old tower? Or perhaps the colors and patterns of this beautiful print speak to you regardless of ever having been there? I hope you might share what you love most about this Chicago print?


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