I have to admit that before my first trip to New York City, it was one of those cities that I found a bit intimidating. Of course, you can’t grow up in America without hearing about New York City. It’s a city with few peers and a seeming multitude of landmarks. I always imagined visiting but I never quite found the motivation until the chance to meet up there with good friends from past travels materialized. They had been to New York City before and loved the NYC experience enough to repeat it.

It wasn’t my last time in New York City but some of my most iconic New York City prints are from that first trip. I think, at least in some small part, because I was seeing New York City through fresh eyes. Everywhere I looked was a brand new experience and a chance for a new take on some amazing and iconic American landmarks. From the Brooklyn Bridge, to the Statue of Liberty, and the amazing Manhattan skyline at night, there’s a real taste of the Big Apple in this collection of art.

Considering there are no small number of artists who call New York City home and more still who have visited like myself, it is a huge pleasure for me to have captured scenic vistas of New York City that speak to others. Patrons in New York City and beyond the shores of America have purchased my NYC prints for their walls and I have to admit to an amazing sense of pride in that fact. It is no small feat capturing the essence of a larger than life place like New York City. I still look back on my skyline prints in particular have a feeling of hyper-reality. Manhattan in particular has the feeling of a city rendered in CGI more than any I have visited. And yet it’s a city that beats with the heart of the millions of people that call it home. It’s important to remember that the architecture combined with the people of NYC ultimately create the place. And I think my prints speak to that synthesis of skyscrapers and spirits.

To those who already have a little piece of my New York City experience hanging on their walls, thank you so much! And to the future art buyers as well as the past ones, please don’t be a stranger. I would love to discuss the print(s) you select and your impressions of them once you see them in person.

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