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Statue Of Liberty – New York City Landmark


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If you’ve ever been to New York City, there’s little doubt you took the time to visit one of its most famous citizens, the Statue of Liberty. Rising out of the waters of the harbor, she’s a most majestic sight to say the least!

Prior to my first actual visit, I had seen the Statue of Liberty out of a plane window when I had a connecting flight in the city. But really nothing in my mind compares to the view of her from the water. In fact, the well of emotions at seeing the Statue of Liberty in person was more than I had personally expected. If you’ve been were you equally swept up in the moment?

A special subject like the Statue of Liberty deserves an exceptional depiction and this print of her with rising out of the waters with the crowds of people below has been one of my most popular NYC prints. Does it remind those patrons of their own visits? Or perhaps they’ve never been and they just love the patriotic charm of this classic landmark? I wish I knew the answer, but for my part, this print reminds me of my boat ride around Manhattan and those dramatic skies are a brilliant backdrop for this piece of Americana.

On my first trip to New York City, this was as close as I ever got to the iconic Statue of Liberty. It rained the day I was meant to visit Liberty Island, but I wasn’t entirely gutted. Somehow I just knew I would be back again and in fact, I have. New York City demanded a repeat performance! And I couldn’t go back without another visit to the Statue of Liberty, of course.

I hope you’ll take a second to share what attracts you to this particular Statue of Liberty print? Does it remind you of a visit? Does it remind you of living in the Big Apple? Or does it appeal to your patriotic side? I always enjoy hearing what elements of my art makes a connection with viewers.


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