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Lower Manhattan Waterfront – World Financial Center Art Print


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Pictured here is the west side of lower Manhattan. The cluster of ultra-modern skyscrapers you see are part of the World Financial center. This general area of New York City is where a host of ferries reach Manhattan. On the left side of the water is Battery Park City Ferry terminal, and the small harbor on the left is North Cove Marina. The boat you see heading towards the city is probably heading to Battery Park.

Doesn’t it feel like the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan rise straight out of the waters? Manhattan almost feels like something from a sci fi film or the illustration of the world of tomorrow. New York City always seemed like a place that I would find alien, but after seeing it in person, I was a bit starstruck by the place.

For me, this is one of those prints that’s all about the details. In broad strokes, it’s a view of the amazing skyline of New York City complete with the massive glass and steel skyscrapers of the World Financial Center reflecting an amazing sky.

But then you start looking at the even smaller points, the boats in the small marina on the left hand side, the ferry I already mentioned, the American flags flying atop the building almost in the middle, and last, but not least if you take a look, you can even spot the Empire State Building in the distance in the lower left-hand side! Kind of a special guest star appearance.

Of my prints of New york City’s skyline, I will always say that even though I took them, when I look at them, there’s an un-reality to them. Manhattan just has a sim-city look to me, like something a video game designer would have put together.

I hope you enjoy this hyper-real World Financial Center skyline photo, too!


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