New York Nights – Aerial View of The Chrysler Building

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About This Image

One disappointment from my evening on the top of Rockefeller Center was that the vantage point on the Chrysler Building was not what I considered optimal. Later in my trip, I would discover that the view of the Art Deco Chrysler Buidling from the Empire State Building was much better, providing a great view of the pinnacle of the great building as seen here.

When it came time to edit my photos of that iconic portion of the New York City skyline, this particular angle over Manhattan was hands-down my favorite and there was some ineffable quality that made it feel like a timeless view. I know the Manhattan skyline is constantly evolving and changing, but this landscape view over the East River just felt like a classic slice of the proverbial Big Apple.

It was with that classic New York City vibe in mind that I decided to go for a classic or retro color photo feel. In matter of fact my original edit of this art printincluded textural layers to create a particularly worn appearance. But I shortly decided that I very much liked the classic color but preferred this particular image to be otherwise new, as if the print had been well preserved yet from a bygone time.

It’s kind of ironic taking photos of the Chrysler Building from the Empire State building considering they are old rivals of sorts. The Chrysler Building was the tallest building in New York City for only 11 months. It was the completion of the Empire State Building in 1930 that quickly stole that particular crown.

So, have you stood on top of the Empire State Building and gazed out upon that majestic skyline, too? If so, I bet this print takes you back to that moment.


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