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Gold Lights of Manhattan Skyline And Dusk Blue Skies Art Print


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This incredibly memorable view of the Manhattan skyline is from the Top of the Rock – the viewing platform at the top of Rockefeller Center. This is where friends and I met on my second night in New York City to catch the dusk view of the city lights. It’s really just an amazing sight when all the lights come on over the city, isn’t it? There’s something about looking at the city lights in the Manhattan skyline that, to me, is akin to that same childish wonder looking at a Christmas tree. And that sea of electric lights really remind you just how dense and crowded Manhattan is.

In this picture we are looking southward across the Manhattan skyline. I love the transition in the sky going from east to west, there’s a deep blue forming in the west as night descends, but you can still see the light from the sun not fully out of sight (but out of frame) on the right (west) where the blues are lighter and there are some pinks in the clouds. The sky at sunset definitely can be an incredible kaleidoscope of vivid and vibrant colors!

And beneath that beautiful sky, the city itself is a wash of mostly warm almost gold colors. We can see the Empire State Building prominent on the right and the canyon of bright lights on the left is none other than Times Square

The Manhattan skyline as night falls was truly an amazing sight to see and I’m so happy I was able to save it to share the New York cityscape with others.

This particular print of the NYC skyline as night falls seems to be a hit. I know I love it but I was there of course and it’s my ‘baby’ so it’s always nice when others see the same beauty of the moment that I did in one of my art prints.


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