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Lady Liberty In New York Harbor Art Print


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Lady Liberty standing over New York Harbor is truly one of those iconic sights. There’s no question that the Statue of Liberty has become one of our most iconic American symbols.

When I was working on this art print, I wanted to impart a vintage feel, hence the retro color and the rough textures. I wanted this picture of Lady Liberty to feel like it might be a classic old poster or a vintage postcard. In other words, like something that might have been pulled found in Grandma’s attic. Loved and old but rough around the edges.

I also wanted to give a nod to the French Origins of Lady Liberty who was originally a gift to the USA from the people of France. Liberty Enlightening The World is her actual name and she was designed by Frédéric Bartholdi. After years of stop and go progress, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled and dedicated on October 28, 1886, by President Grover Cleveland. The full story of this iconic statue is too long to give substance to here, but I think most American schoolchildren still know her tale even a century on.

That nod of course is the French postmark on this picture of the State of Liberty. It reinforces the feeling that this might be a beautiful vintage postcard. The final print not only has a bit of French flair but it really feels like an art print that has the weight of the ages on top of it. A real classic take on an American icon.

One of my favorite parts of this scene, though, may be the people on the shores of Liberty Island. The scale they add really brings home just how large Lady Liberty actually is!


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