As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the United Kingdom in a way that I cannot explain. There’s simply something about British culture that has always piqued my interest. One of the early memories of my childhood is watching a photographic slide show from my Aunt and Uncle’s travels in Europe. I don’t remember much of it, but I firmly remember his pictures of London. And yes, it is entirely possible that his imagery of the UK was what started the wheels spinning in my little mind. Whatever it was, I always knew I would visit Britain some day.

And in fact the British shores were my first port of call when I began traveling outside of the US. My first foray across the pond was to London, a city I genuinely love. But it wasn’t the end of the road for my British love affair. I have visited Scotland twice as well, and have taken some small jaunts into Cornwall and the English countryside. And it was the positive reaction I got from friends from my first photos of my trips to Britain that was the confidence boost that got me interested in exploring art. So the cities and landscapes of Great Britain are the inspiration behind my journey as an artist.

From those first small steps, my Great Britain art prints grew. This collection of UK wall art very much depicts my love of the British landscape. From scenic moors in England to the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, the UK is a gorgeous place and it fully makes sense why some of the great landscape artists called Britain home. And don’t get me started on the wealth of beautiful architecture from Roman ruins to cutting edge architecture today and everything in between. Britain is more than Gothic medieval castles and cathedrals, but those are incredible, too!

I think my UK artwork has spoken to so many people over the years because they fully illustrate my own fascination with all things British. For all those past art patrons and the future ones who have a piece of UK wall art for their homes, thank you! Those past art buyers started the wheels in motion behind my dream to work in art. And to the future ones, you continue that dream!

Your interest in my artwork is most appreciated!

The art you decorate with is something that you will look at for years to come. This is true whether it is wall art for your home or a public space in your place of business. Paint colors may come and go, but the artwork often outlives the rest of your decor choices.

That is why I am more than happy to answer any of your questions. Whether you want to know more about a specific piece of art or have a more general question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love the opportunity to discuss the story behind my art as much as sharing helpful details.

I am also open to discussing any special requests you may have. Perhaps you have a special decorating challenge or need artwork tailored to fit a specific space? Or you have a special design opportunity to discuss?

Well, I have always enjoyed challenging projects, so just ask!

This is only a selection of my UK art prints that are currently available. To see the rest, please visit my Full Collection of British Prints available.

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