All the fine art prints, canvas prints, metal prints and other wall art products are produced and fulfilled by Fine Art America/Pixels LLC who are one of the leading print on demand companies in the business. I have used them as my preferred vendor for well over a decade now. They stand behind their work which gives me peace of mind.

I am currently in the lengthy process of adding my existing collection of prints to a shop I directly manage. This gives me more control over the presentation of my work and allows me to more closely monitor print fulfillment. But rest easy if you have purchased prints of my work in the past, I am still using the exact same great partner to print and ship to you.

My main reason for being transparent about this is for some of my prints, you will be purchasing them through me while others are still handled through Fine Art America/Pixels LLC’s site. The blogs and product pages here will link you to where the print you are interested in is currently available.

You can tell which shop you’re in by looking in the top. If it says “Pixels” then you are purchasing my work through my vendor instead of directly from me. Wherever you’re shopping, your purchase carries the same guarantee for being defect free and can be returned for any reason if not completely satisfied. Fine Art America and I both have the same goal of having a happy customer.

If you would prefer to shop directly with me, but the prints you’re interested in buying are not yet on my shop, send a message. I will be happy to expedite adding them.

You can read more about purchasing prints on my shop at the following links.

As always, if you have questions before purchasing prints or need help for any reason before or after the sale regardless of where you bought my work, please contact me. I am a small mom and pop business and I welcome the chance to communicate with you.

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