Unless stated otherwise, all art prints offered through my website are fulfilled by Fine Art America/Pixels LLC, one of the leading print on demand companies in the business. They are well known for their attention to detail, museum quality prints, and their generous 30 day money back guarantee.

Fine Art America Guarantee Policy

In my years of offering prints through Fine Art America, print returns have been very rare.

At the same time, I rest easier at night knowing that their no-questions-asked policy is in place. If there’s an issue with the quality of what you receive, they’ll resolve it. If you simply change your mind, you can still return your print. I love knowing that those of you who purchase my prints are happy with your artwork!. Allowing Fine Art America to handle the task of delivering brilliant prints allows me to concentrate on creating my art.

In fact, when I need my own work printed, I also order them through Fine Art America! I am always thrilled when I open their sturdy packages and see their fabulous work, and that’s why I am confident that you will love yours prints as well

What You Are Purchasing:

Your purchase through this site is for an art print that I expect you will display and enjoy in the setting of your choosing, be it home, office, or other.

I believe the following is directed at a very small minority of people, but purchase of a print does not entitle the recipient of the print the right to publish, copy, license, or otherwise make derivative versions of the artwork. If you are interested in using my work for other purposes, please send me a message and we can work out the details of your project.

A Brief Note on Monitor Calibration:

Many of us don’t realize that just as we may not like the color on one TV versus another when shopping for a new set, screens for our PCs, laptops and other devices also vary widely. And they also change over time, such that the color, contrast, and brightness a year from now will not be the same for any display no matter how good.

There’s a ton of information online about monitor calibration that you can read at your leisure. But quite honestly the average person is unlikely to purchase a monitor calibration tool like the x-rite i1Display Pro which I personally use to make sure my art prints match what I see on my screen. You can, however, get some idea if your monitor display is fairly accurate using sites like this one.

I believe that for 99% of the people reading this if you like the image you see on your screen, you’ll love the print you receive. In fact, many of my past customers have told me they liked what they received better than what they saw on their monitor.