Collection of Statue of Liberty art prints inspired by my own visits to this beautiful landmark monument in New York City. Having been multiple times, it’s now hard for me to imagine a visit to NYC without stopping in to see the beautiful figure of Lady liberty towering above the waters of New York’s harbor. There’s just something incredibly inspiring about her lifting her famous torch there.

Granted, the Statue of Liberty is a popular and striking subject on her own accord. There must be no end to the variety of Statue of Liberty Wall Art out there. So, it’s with much humility I broached this particular subject at all! So, I have to say I’m personally thrilled every single time someone purchases one of my Statue of Liberty art prints. it means they felt the same connection and sense of pride that I do when gazing up at that monument. So thanks in advance to those of you who are planning to buy a Statue of Liberty art print for yourself or as a gift.

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