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Patriotic Art – The Statue Of Liberty And The Flag


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Granted, The Statue of Liberty alone qualifies as patriotic art, but I wanted this artwork to go a step further, and I think you would agree the result is bold and colorful!  This print is based on my first in person view of Lady Liberty rising out of the waters of New York Harbor. As beautiful as the statue is up close, there’s something about this vantage point that really speaks to me. When I see the statue from the water, I imagine the immigrants to Ellis Island and the feelings they must have had as they saw her and the shores of America for the first time.

The US Flag seemed like the most appropriate backdrop to this patriotic art, but that alone would have been rather mundane, and I love to push my work further. I wanted this patriotic print to have the appearance of an old mural – something that might have been painted on the side of the walls of a building on main-street America. The stars and stripes on the flag have a particularly nice rustic quality to them, don’t you think?

I feel this patriotic art really speaks to the American spirit. There’s an optimistic quality to it and it clearly recognizes the principles of freedom and liberty that the US was founded on. There’s also a sense of both the individual and the community in the form of all the little figures surrounding the statue on the shores below. And the bright colors remind me of our vibrant American history.

I have had multiple people tell me that this cheerful patriotic art really speaks to them. Since it speaks to me as well, I love that, of course! But I also have a feeling that  the interpretation depends very much on the viewer. So I would love to hear what about this artwork speaks the loudest for you? What does it ultimately mean to you when you look at it?


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