This collection of Massachusetts prints primarily focus on Boston and Salem, both of which I visited a few times years ago. And I have been inspired by those visits long since. I should add, inspired as an artist and otherwise. I enjoyed Massachusetts for its history, architecture and climate. It was an enchanting place and some day I shall be back!

Until then, these prints remind me of the historic architecture and places I’ve seen and the beautiful location. From the modern Boston skyline rising over the water to tall ships, and literary history, I found Massachusetts mesmerizing.

My Massachusetts prints are available in a range of sizes from small prints that make great gifts to large prints perfect for making a statement whether you’re decorating a home or office. In addition to prints on paper, you’ll find other ready to hang print options in my shop.

If you don’t see the subject you’re looking for but like my work, please send a message. I am always looking for new subjects to tackle.

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