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Classic Tall Ship Sailing – Boston Harbor Art Print


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There’s something just innately beautiful about classic old tall ships on the sea. This is particularly so when the sails are filled with wind as in this Boston Harbor print. I caught sight of this beautiful sailboat when I was on a water taxi heading for the harbor islands. And the moment I did there was a part of me that wanted nothing more than to be sitting on the decks of that classic tall ship! I’m sure there are many fun things that I didn’t manage to accomplish on either of my short trips to New England, but sailing on a tall ship in Boston Harbor is high on that list of things I would love to do some day.

Of course, this print wouldn’t have been possible to capture from on-board that sailboat. So, I’ll take some solace in that fact. I know it’s partially the romantic in me, but nothing we have today has the grace and style of those old sailing ships from days gone by. It’s so wonderful that there are still some tall ships around to appreciate both as a spectator and a participant. Seeing those billowing sails is the call to adventure to the hearts of many of us.

I also liked the juxtaposition of this Boston print with the modern city skyline as a backdrop against this classic sailboat. It’s almost like seeing the veil of time lifted to see a boat that is a counterpart to ones that sailed in this very harbor hundreds of years ago. I love the story that this image tells.

Have you been on a Boston Harbor cruise yourself? Or like me, do tall ships like the schooner in this New England print get your heart pumping a little faster?


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