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Five Hundred Boylston Street – Boston Art Print


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There was just something about the architecture of Five Hundred Boylston Street in the heart of Boston. It spoke to me. I loved the towering graphic lines and all intersecting lines of the paving stones in the courtyard at the base of that Boston skyscraper.

As I stood there on busy Boylston Street watching people pass by, inspiration struck. I loved the contrast of the graphic lines and the human forms. I spent a good deal of time standing there trying different vantage points on that towering architecture and the people of Boston going about their day. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for, but I knew when everything lined up, I’d have something compelling.

And when those stars aligned, I had the Boylston Street print you see here. I love the symmetry of this scene, the curving lines from my fisheye lens combined with the graphic quality of the pavement and the skyscraper. There’s a feeling to me that these pedestrians are trapped in the amber at the base of Five Hundred Boylston Street. They feel stuck in the geometry that surrounds them. In some surreal sense it reminds me of the lines of an Escher print, the impossible lines of a mathematician on the streets of Boston.

Have you stood at the foot of Five Hundred Boylston Street? I am going to guess it didn’t look like this to you, but I certainly hope you can also appreciate the surreal quality of this Boston scene! I would love it if you chose to take a moment to share what attracts you to this particular Boston print!


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