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Old Red Fisherman’s House – New England Art Print


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I think maybe it’s something inherent in the artist’s nature to create stories as well as art. It is another creative discipline after all. In this case, I honestly have no idea that this little red cottage on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts, is a Fisherman’s House. But the moment I stood before that vivid little cottage on the streets with the waterfront and a marina near at hand, that’s what I decided it was.

It was a cold winter day as I wandered the streets of Salem on my only visit there. And for me so far, this is New England. I know there’s much more to New England than just the shores of Massachusetts but everything I saw on the old streets of Salem fit my notions of what life in New England must be. And I must admit I could easily imagine myself there close to the seaside with the salt air wafting down the streets. And I think it was the salt air that made me think this was a Fisherman’s house. I could picture him leaving his boat by the waterside and carrying the day’s catch inside that weathered red house. Can’t you?

There was just such a nautical feel to this place from the cracked and rough texture to the bright red paint on the fisherman’s house to the masts of boats standing above the roof line. The Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina is immediately behind the little cottage so it may be a caretaker’s cottage or an office, but I have to say I like my fiction better than real life most days. How about you? Can you picture a weathered fisherman coming home?

Have you stood in the same spot on Turner Street in historic Salem? Maybe you even know the real story behind my vivid red Fisherman’s House? If so, I’m not sure I want to know! But I do hope you’ll share your own fantasies about this New England print and what about it appeals most to you!


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