This collection of Boston prints always makes me smile fondly of past trips to Boston. Clearly Boston is a city that inspired me. As a visitor, I loved the sights and the history of Boston. As an artist, the location, and yes, history, provided for wonderful subjects. And although my collection of Boston prints is not large, they are some of my more popular prints. It’s always a pleasure when current and former Boston residents connect with my work. I think on some level it’s because I also love Boston and it comes through in my Boston art.

These Boston prints are available in a range of sizes. This includes small prints that are great for gifts or for groupings in larger collections. Most prints are also available quite large and can be used as statement pieces of wall art in your home, office, etc. In addition to standard paper prints, other ready-to-hang options are available in my shop.

If you like my style but don’t see the Boston subject you were hoping to find, please send a message. I’m always happy to take suggestions!

You can browse through some of my featured Boston prints below or if you are ready to shop for a print for your home, click through to my print shop using the button below.

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