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Boston At Night – City Lights On Long Wharf Art


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I seemed to gravitate to Long Wharf throughout my first trip to Boston. It was late summer and the waterfront was such a beautiful place as you can tell from this Boston at night print. I loved the city lights and the beautiful old buildings along the historic wharf. When Long wharf was built in the early 1700’s it quickly became the busiest pier in Boston, which was the busiest port in Colonial America. There’s no doubt there are stories in this old pier. And a lot of beautiful days and nights have passed over, I’m sure!

The skyline in Boston at night from the pier is particularly beautiful. I love the mixture of old and new architecture. The buildings on the right, Custom House Block, are mid 19th century and the Custom House clock tower near the center of this artwork is from the beginning of the 20th century. It was Boston’s first but far from last skyscraper.

Beneath the dark dusk blue skies, though, Boston at night, is really a story of the city lights, from the street lamps on long wharf to the illuminated skyscrapers. Dazzling to say the least! In the foreground, the city lights are reflecting on the wet pavement of Long Wharf. This mirror of the skyline tends to draws the viewer’s eyes to the horizon and the breathtaking view of Boston at night.

Have you watched day turn to night on historic long Wharf? Did you fall in love with the city lights of Boston at night? Or do the beautiful colors and lighting in this Boston print speak to you on another level? I hope you might take a moment to share what you like most about this skyline print!


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