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Coolidge Corner – Night in Brookline – Boston Art


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On my last trip to Boston, I decided to stay out in Brookline near the intersection of Harvard and Beacon Streets. It seemed like a great way to get a better taste of the local flavor just a little removed from downtown. It was the midst of winter as I wandered those cold New England streets, but I loved the feel of the area. And there was something about Coolidge Corner, seen in this print, that particularly captured my attention.

The lines of the store on the opposite corner really caught my eyes as I was walking back to the place I was staying on my last night there. I haven’t been able to dig up any history of Coolidge Corner, but there’s something very art deco in the architecture of that building. I loved the lights on the streets and that beautiful architecture against the dark night skies of greater Boston. I really felt like there was a strong sense of the local flavor in Brookline.

Despite the cold night air, I did stand on that Brookline street corner for some time waiting for some element to add a little more local flavor to the scene. As it turned out it was complete when a bus bound for Harvard Square arrived outside Coolidge Corner. I guess this also goes beyond local flavor in the sense that a bus bound for Harvard certainly places this in the Boston landscape for people who have never wandered the streets of Brookline, eh?

When I look at this Coolidge Corner print, I’m taken back to a cold winter night in Boston. I almost feel I could step back into that moment. Do you have that same feeling? Perhaps you have also walked these same streets as well? I would love to hear what captures your attention in this Boston Print?


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