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New York City Birds Roosting Art Print


Looking for vibrant artwork that isn’t mass produced? The prints youll find here are often colorful and always memorable. Let your neighbors buy ordinary art while you shop small and express your individual style.

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I think this picture may be one of my most whimsical prints from New York City. Seen in this photo are the silhouettes of a gaggle of birds roosting on top of a lamppost in New York City. If you look in the lower right, there’s even the letters NYC from a street banner! The ultimate guidepost of exactly where this fun bird scene took place.

Although I think I may have signed up for too many of these open air buses for the time I had, I do have to say if you can be quick with your camera, you can get some thoroughly different views of New York City than you would from the streets below. The opportunity to see a different side of the city is more than worth it.

One of my favorite parts of this photo of birds roosting against that beautiful sky is the one lone bird on the next ‘floor’ down. What’s his story? Is he a rebel? A lone wolf? Or maybe he just wants more personal space. Maybe soon after I took this he moved to the country for some fresh air and room to spread his wings? Even the birds have complex back stories in a city like New York City!

In the end, this print is simply a fun and unique view of New York City – and unique is always good, eh?


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